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I gained an in depth technical understanding of hard drives during my collaboration with Sun Microsystems as a test engineer. This gave me some valuable tools necessary to diagnose and repair hard drives and peaked my interest in all sorts of media storage related technology. Since then, we have added data recovery services to the consulting business.

From experience with our clients, we have found that data loss always occurs at the worst possible moment. The only option is to immediately shut down your computer at the moment you realize that, all of a sudden, you no longer have access to your data. By keeping your computer on, there's a good chance that you (or your operating system) will write to the disk. It may very well wind up writing over the area of your drive where your lost data is residing. That's why it is very important to shut the machine down and bring your drive to a qualified data recovery expert.The recovery of data on a hard drive requires a high degree of expertise and a considerable investment in related equipment. Equipment necessary to work on drives includes a class 100 clean room. If the drive needs to be physically opened, this must be performed inside the clean room. When a speck of dust finds its way into the hard drive, it is like having a bolder dropped onto it.

The clean room ensures that the drive will not become contaminated, which could easily make the data unrecoverable. There is also a need to have specialized equipment for the cloning of data. An understanding of the inner workings of a hard drive is essential for anybody attempting data recovery. If your data is important to you, don't attempt to recover it yourself, for there is an excellent chance that the data will wind up getting lost forever. It is not wise to run software utilities to try to recover the data. If there is a mechanical or electrical drive failure, running such a utility is almost a guarantee that you will kill any chance of recovery. It is difficult, if not impossible for an amateur to know what is wrong with a drive that loses access to its data. Drive repair/data recovery requires a highly specialized set of skills, knowledge and a lot of experience to tackle the myriad problems and sometimes unpredictable sets of circumstances that often emerge in the middle of recovering hard drive data. Most of the time, you only get one crack at recovering your data. Any subsequent attempts will most probably sabotoge the drive. These facts are very well known in the world of data recovery.

We recover lost data from memory cards i.e., jump drives and digital camera media, as well as zip disks, floppies, tape and palm OS files.

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