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APK Solutions will optimize your digital workflow and provide training in color management, computer monitor and paper profiling, web graphics, soft proofing, and printing. We specialize in the training of graphics professionals, photographers (using both film and digital technology), and web designers, focusing on the process of producing digital images for screen display and print, and assisting in the production of reliable, repeatable color.

Digital photography and the methodology of working with color graphics have a set of rules that must be followed if reliable results are to be expected. In this respect, this newer medium is not unlike working with film. In conventional photography, the aperture, shutter speed and focusing must be adjusted properly, while in the digital world, these functions must also be taken into account but may not be as transparent (even to those who have been involved in digital imaging for a while). In film photography, there are many factors influencing color reproduction. Phenomena such as spectral sensitivity, grain, saturation, color balance, exposure latitude and reciprocity among other factors, are built into a particular film's emulsion. The output from a digital image is affected similarly, but it is how the equipment is set up (the digital camera, scanner, computer hardware, the operating system and image editing software) that determines how the image is rendered. With digital photography, we have more control over factors such as saturation, color balance, and a host of other things directly affecting image output quality. Film is designed to reproduce the exposed image in a certain way. In many respects, digital photography is a lot more flexible than conventional photography, in that the image can be customized, or changed in the course of the imaging process. Although it is great possessing these new-found powers, its staggering abilities certainly create more challenges as we attempt to navigate unchartered territory.

We have assisted many photographers in The San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond, with setting up their color managed workflow, and we have helped them get a solid grasp on their ability to understand the color managing concepts that are necessary to reproduce accurate, repeatable and reliable color in their studios.

Our services include:

In addition, we'll teach you color to black-and-white conversion and printing procedures that rival conventional darkroom techniques, and share techniques of image editing using Photoshop which do not incrementally degrade high quality images.

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